About Us

With the Mission of Revolutionizing Content Generation at Descrii, we are building a product for over 50B+ eCommerce store owners. Our Features are helping thousands of store owners to go online instantly. Our goal is to provide a simplistic, effective and AI-based Content Generation Platform.

Our Story

In January 2020, Three friends observed that writing Product Descriptions is a tedious and time taking task for eCommerce Store owners. It became evident that they were struggling with either complex or copywriter systems. This sparked the need for a solution to support the store owners. That’s how Descrii was started, as a permanent solution that provides AI-based Product Descriptions saving both Time and Money owners face when they go online. Growing every day we now provide an overall content generation platform offering Facebook ads, Blog ideas, Shopify growth ideas, Landing page content, and many more.

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Generate product descriptions, facebook ads, blog titles, and more under 10 seconds.

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